Stagnation, success and sushi: My first six months at Urban Connect


Having been with my previous company for six years, the prospect of leaving and joining a new start-up was at first a little daunting - but also very exciting! I had become a little stagnant in my previous role, my motivation had reduced, and I'd begun to find myself going through the motions a little. I wasn't particularly unhappy and had learnt a lot there, for which I'll always be grateful, but felt it was time for a change; one which I'm very glad to have made.

The first six months at Urban Connect have been a whirlwind and I've felt re-energized, motivated and determined to contribute to the company's success. Our Founding Director, Andrew Kerr is a very driven individual with an infectious, larger than life personality, not to mention his supermarket tannoy-like voice, which meant I spent most of my first week halfway under my desk so I could hear people on the phone in our little three-man office! Thankfully as we've grown into a larger office and Andrew has become more aware of his volume control, this is less of an issue. The daily sushi addiction we've both developed hasn't been completely shaken however...

I joined Urban Connect to grow the structural design and consulting engineering desk, within which I had built up a strong network over the past six years. This soon evolved into growing the sector coverage to encompass civil engineering, due to a high demand from our clients and a short market supply of skilled and experienced professionals. We're an ambitious team and as we grow as a business, our ultimate aim is to emulate what our clients' services are, efficiently partnering them with people who not only have the right skills and experience, but also the motivation to enhance the entire built environment we all live and work in.

Joining Urban Connect from its inception has been a fantastic experience which continues to become even more enjoyable as the team grows. The addition of fellow consultants John Kirkham-Herrera and Adam Brazier has been great; there's a brilliant atmosphere in the office, balancing professionalism and hard work with having a laugh. We all know when we need to crack on but there's also time to talk through challenges we're facing, in an open forum of knowledge sharing to develop solutions as a team, ultimately resulting in us all improving. This, alongside the training days we've had at the Recruitment Entrepreneur hub in London, have really benefited me in my first few months at Urban Connect. I've now beaten my personal record for a placement fee three times and achieved my best ever billing month in April, something I'm determined to smash again!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the future will bring at Urban Connect as the team grows alongside our brand and market presence and we move closer to our goal of being one of the most respected and successful recruitment consultancies, not only in our sector but in the industry as a whole.

It's an exciting time to join Urban Connect. If you're reading this as a recruiter who is considering making a change and are looking for an environment where you'll truly be supported and encouraged to maximize your potential, with plenty of opportunity to grow your billings and earnings, as part of a team who enjoy coming to work every day, get in touch with Andrew Kerr on 0161 470 7180 today!