What makes a good hire?


CEO and Founder Andrew Kerr shares Urban Connect's top tips for making sure a hire is successful. 

Look for a cultural fit, rather than just a super biller.

At Urban Connect, relationships are the core of our business. We treat our candidates as people, not assets, which helps us best gauge the best fit for them. When making a placement, we take what makes them an individual - their aspirations, experience and personality - into account. 

Good training and mentorship will ensure that your new employees develop the skills needed to do their job well. It's more important that their personality clicks with the company culture. Qualities such as being a team player, being friendly or taking initiative can't be taught and are key to a cohesive and productive work environment. 

Experience in the business' core sectors is essential.

From international multi-disciplinary consultancies to local developers, we work with the best in the business. We therefore take a quality over quantity approach when it comes to our candidates. Our recruiters' industry expertise means that we know a gem when we see one. 

When hiring, you should have a clear understanding of what the role is and its requirements. This way, it'll be easier to sort through applications and find those that tick the right boxes. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to target the relevant people. 

Find someone with a shared vision for the future of the business.

It's important to thing long-term, otherwise you'll be back at square one before too long. By truly understanding our clients' cultures and visions, we are able to match candidates whose goals are aligned with theirs. 

One-third of new hires quit their jobs after just six months. By integrating them into the company's strategic vision from the get-go, new employees become more personally invested in the business and its success.


If you are a client or candidate who works in our space, please get in touch to find out how we can help you or your business.