A look at Manchester's booming construction industry


It’s not hard to see why Manchester is the perfect location for Urban Connect. Manchester has played a crucial role in the UK’s economic growth since the industrial revolution. The city boasts a thriving business landscape, an estimated population growth of 15.1% from 2016-2036, and impressive economic forecasts. Outside of the capital, it is the fastest growing economy in the UK. Most importantly for Urban Connect, Manchester’s infrastructural landscape is rapidly changing as the northern powerhouse grows, creating a wealth of job opportunities within the construction and engineering sectors.

Worth upwards of £3 billion and employing roughly 50,000 people, the construction sector makes up 6.8% of Greater Manchester’s economy. As the economy swells – 2015-16 saw a 5% growth –  demand for construction and technical engineering expertise will only increase.

The forecasted population growh over the next 20 years means there should be no skills shortage. The combined student populations of Greater Manchester’s four universities is 100,000, with 14,000 studying engineering or other STEM courses. This gives our team of recruiters access to an ever-changing, qualified talent pool.

Recent projects have cemented Manchester as a booming hub of engineering and innovation. The ongoing £1 billion Airport City project at Manchester Airport is a huge development; the partnership with Beijing Construction Engineering Group International (BCEGI) means it is “the first major infrastructure project in the UK with the involvement of a Chinese company in the form of equity investment” (Chinese President XI Jinping). Similarly, the £12.7m Manchester Museum project, undertaken by transnational Purcell, and the transformation of Manchester Victoria station as part of the £1 billion North Hub project are further evidence of the city’s evolution. Manchester’s increasing foothold in the UK market and the technical engineering sector makes the city an incredibly exciting and prosperous incubator for Urban Connect.

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